Osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM) is a form of medicine that involves the use of hands-on manipulation techniques (OMT) to address areas of dysfunction in a patient's body.  All osteopathic physicians receive some training in OMM, but not all osteopathic physicians treat their patients with OMT.  There are many different types of OMT that can be used depending on the physician and the patient.  Many people have found OMM to be helpful in relieving pain, improving physical performance and maintaining optimal health.

Dr. Bowers uses an eclectic, gentle form of manipulation incorporating many different types of manipulative techniques.  Some of the manipulation methods she utilizes the most are myofascial release, neurofascial release, neuro-ocular release, fascial ligamentous release, balanced ligamentous tension, balanced membranous tension, ligamentous articular strain, facilitated oscillatory release, somatoemotional release, myofascial cupping, muscle energy, counterstrain, cranial sacral and joint play. The type of manipulation used depends on the patient and the nature of the problem that needs to be addressed.